Here’s a sampling of some of my published work… Enjoy!

 Their murders reminds me of Asian fetishization and othering—the divide I’ve felt for longer than I’ve wanted.

I’m an Asian Woman and I’m Not Okay on Newsweek (March 2020)

 What could advertising look like when Black talent matters as much as our lives and culture do?

Conceptualized, edited and executed special D&I digital hub “Black Is the Answer” on Adweek (September 2020)

He wants to be a catalyst for people to influence themselves.

Jay Shetty Went From Monk to New Media Mogul on Adweek (November 2019)

 It would be nice to share some of the same higher hand-holding.

Whether Your Date Should Share Your Faith on Medium (July 2019)

 The journey to wellness starts with tradition. 

You Might Need a Cacao Ceremony on USA Today’s 10Best (April 2019)

  I started to turn into jello. But my survival instinct came alive and hardened. 

Why Larry David was right about Therapy on The Dot/Medium (September 2018)

 Sharing with at least one other person reminds us that we are never completely alone

How Sharing My Egg Freezing Experience Got Me Through It on Pregnantish (August 2018)

 Thrust into the spotlight, the clear oceanfront and white beaches are muddied with the peril looming not too far from the overcast skies.

I’m from Guam and here’s what Trump’s threats mean to me on Bustle (August 2017)

  Buying a home, of any size, could be the best decision I’ve made

How I found the 350-square studio apartment I never knew I wanted on Curbed (July 2017)

  it took quite a while to warm up to the idea of buying new stuff to replace what I had lost. What was the point?

I quit shopping after an apartment fire took everything I owned on Racked (January 2017)

 The Tennessee native is known for her bubbly personality, heartfelt tunes, and most of all, her lyrical achievements.

7 Things to Know About Kelsea Ballerini Country Living (January 2016) 

 He had yet to take a shower when we spoke to him, but he still looked infuriatingly good.

Polo star Nic Roldan on his Tattoos and the Dangerous Sport Town & Country (December 2016)

 And a plane seemed like an especially great venue for a mask application

I Wore a Beauty Mask on a Plane Bravo’s JetSet (November 2016)

 The sound of the ice cream truck, the breeze in the frozen dessert aisle, the sight of a dripping cone — it’s all so satisfying and brings back happy memories.

I went to the Museum of Ice Cream And this is What I Learned Today Food (August 2016)

  Just when you thought Miami couldn’t get any buzzier, a raft of new hotel and residential projects is set to make the city considerably cooler.

6 Design-inspired Hotels/Condos Changing Miami’s Skyline Town & Country (May 2016)

  that occasion is giving us the itch to get outdoors for an instantly refreshing break — and maybe a bit of digital detox.

Why Now’s the Time to See these 9 Eye-popping Parks on Bravo TV (Apr 2016)

  what happened when two people from different backgrounds tied the knot.

8 Things I Didn’t Expect at my Multicultural Wedding (as told to) on Cosmopolitan (Mar. 2016)

  The reason we love the red carpet is because we’re able to see how the choices we make in getting up and out there translate into fabric.

I Wore a $20 H&M Dress to the Grammys on Racked (Feb. 2016)

  It’s both lifelong experience and newly discovered dream playing out above the surface.

So You Want to be a Mermaid? on USA Today Travel (Jan. 2016)

  Along my journey, I found the best and the right ways to enjoy the sensory carb overload.

Eat like an Italian on Yahoo Travel (Jan. 2015)

 There are plenty of *real-life* handsome guys out there steaming up the kitchen.

11 Eligible Bachelor Chefs syndicated via Marie Claire (Oct. 2015)

 You want those slightly nervous knots in your stomach to come from excitement, not hunger pains.

Don’t Go Hangry on a Date on Washington Post Solo-ish blog(Sept. 2015)

  “No, but seriously—will you accept this rose?”

How to End a Bad Date on Glamour.com(August 2015)

  Among sunflowers and sundials, this summer home is perfect for anyone… to have the space and permission to feel light and play.

Inside Jonathan Adler’s and Simon Doonan’s Summer Sanctuary on Town & Country (July 2015)

  Aggressive precautionary measures send the message: better safe than sorry.

The MERS Scare: An On-the-ground Report on Yahoo (June 2015)

    I’m more than just what meets the eye: millennial, bohemian, Asian Pacific, American. 

Stop Asking Me Where I’m From on Yahoo (Apr. 2015)

    The key to unlocking the magic of this Indonesian island is to find unique and authentic experiences.

Shop Like a Local in Bali on Yahoo (Mar. 2015)

    I couldn’t help but wonder whether I was wearing The Dress or whether The Dress was wearing me?

#TheDress in Real Life on Bustle (Mar. 2015)

    Reading on your own is old news.

Book Club reading list on Bustle (Feb. 2015)

    I’ve thought if I don’t tweet this thought, it didn’t happen, just like the fallen tree in the forest…

Tech Detox on Thought Catalog (Jan. 2015)

    If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll find that four-lettered word, however it may flow.

Argument for Self-Love on Thought Catalog (Dec. 2014)

    I could never really be broke, I realized. If I had been broken, I’d been mended. But I might have heartburn.

e-book Broke, not Broken on Amazon and iBooks (Nov. 2014) [Audio version to come]

    She is a childhood friend I don’t know if I’ll ever be ready to wave a silent goodbye to.

-at Hello Kitty Con on Yahoo Travel (Oct. 2014)

    But where Vogue is aspirational, Lucky is accessible, and that’s a reflection of Chen. 

-Eva Chen profile in Audrey Magazine (Sept. 2014)

    But I’m a proud Asian Pacific American with a personal cultural history. So, why not?

-Asian Blonde on Thought Catalog (Aug. 2014)

    We’re seeing more and more drones… The contest isn’t over until everyone’s model sinks… Turns out he’s kind of a flower beard trendsetter…

-Viral & Odd News blogs on Yahoo! News (Summer 2014)

      more curiosity and inner confidence than an eagerness that comes off as too obvious

-How to Build your Network of HuffPo (Mar. 2014)

I am on my own #thighgap #thinspiration

-Thigh gap on XOJane (Mar. 2014)

The pixie dust of wanderlust won’t disappear

-Why you should travel now on HuffPo (Feb. 2014)

 Had I not gone under the knife, would I be where I am today?

-Not regretting eyelid surgery on HuffPo (Nov. 2013)

It was me, without alterations.

-Why I Wore my Wedding Dress Anyways on HuffPo (Oct. 2013)

 Dare to say it out loud

– MLK Anniversary multimedia on wusa9.com #WhatsYourDream (Aug. 2013)

 A Bling Ring-like jewelry heist served as the evening’s central theme

-Fenton Fallon fashion week for The Examiner (Sep. 2013)

I always say put a little bit of a stamp of personal style 

-The Power of Presence on DC on Heels (Sep. 2013)

But the peace can be broken anytime, and the Korean War history can change its course 

-Korean War Armistice on wusa9.com (July 2013)

While all fair’s in love and war, Daikaya finds its place in delicate flavor profiles

-Ramen taste test for Brightest Young Things (Feb. 2013)

 Koreans, as well as kimchee in America, is here to stay, in one form or another. 

– On kimchee in My Korean American Story (Apr. 2012)

 For all the naked bodies she scrubs everyday, Y.S. Kim is a private person.  

– On Korean spas in NY1 (June 2008)

    Not only do we have to jump out of our Penn-nest, but we need to expand beyond the West Philly bubble, too.  

– On volunteering in The Daily Pennsylvanian (Feb. 2007)